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Davey+Smith present at BILT Europe 2022 in Virtual Reality

Greg and Alanna were delighted to present in virtual reality at the BILT Europe 2022 Event on the 15th of November. Speaking with Johan and Hilmar, the creators of Arkio (VR design software) about how Davey+Smith uses the software in practice. At Davey+Smith, we are frequently utilising this software for feasibility and urban massing studies.

The audience were brought into some examples of this type of material. Experimental Arkio models for more developed projects were also showcased as we aim to engage with the software for more detailed model explorations and exploit the AR capabilities in the future. The live presentation was followed by a questions and answers session.

We had a quick walkthrough of the virtual model of Valencia created as part of the event before signing off as well!

Content from live session.

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